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You've come to the right place &  we are so glad that you are here!

We're olivia and ashley, the bridal stylist duo

what we're all about

We started Modern On Market with the trendy bride in mind. We wanted to create a space that was high end, luxurious and intimate. We know what it's like to have a vision and think Where am I going to get that at? And that's what inspired us to create a space where brides can look and feel their best while achieving the look they've always wanted. If we don't have it on our racks already, we will work hand in hand with you and our designers to get you a look you're going to love.

We can't wait to work with you!

Your New Bridal Besties, Olivia & Ashley

I can't tell you how amazing of an experience that I had at Modern on Market! First and foremost, the ladies there are so nice and they make you feel comfortable when trying the dresses on. I tried dresses on at other bridal boutiques, but NONE of them came close to the options at Modern on Market!


i was amazed!"

We believe in bold, authentic and timeless bridal style

Inspired by the brides wanting to make a statement 

Your wedding day is a moment you've waited your whole life for. Every part of the process should not only be seamless (see what we did there?) but also a whole lot of fun. We're probably going to shed a tear with you when you say YES! to your dream dress, and of course we'll pop bubbly with you and your crew. Let's try on things that make you feel beautiful and celebrate you in a way you've always dreamed of.


bottles of champagne popped


5 star google reviews


dresses in our collection

Our Grand Opening

Yes, we totally opened our doors within 30 days with a whopping 12 dresses on the floor (and yes, we actually sold), kinda crazy to think about.

October 2019


MARCH 2023

november 2023

Made Our Very First Sale

We will never forget our very first sale to a bride named Emma and a dress we named November. A moment that will be etched in our hearts until the end of time.

Started The Modern Babes Podcast

We loved chatting with our brides in shop so much that we brought our conversations to a podcast so we can chat with our brides inside and outside of the boutique!

Featured on
Fox News

We got featured through Good Day Dayton on Fox News on Thanksgiving and it was one of the coolest moments in our small business thus far!

I launched my first online course for photographers

I'm baby jianbing DIY poutine fingerstache, glossier tumeric air plant seitan.

january 2022

March 2022

december 2022


I traveled to Berlin and found my true calling

I'm baby jianbing DIY poutine fingerstache, glossier tumeric air plant seitan.

I got married to my soulmate and best friend

I'm baby jianbing DIY poutine fingerstache, glossier tumeric air plant seitan.

I made $100K from my online course this year

I'm baby jianbing DIY poutine fingerstache, glossier tumeric air plant seitan.

Let's start from the beginning



Who doesn't love a kit of all of their wedding day go-to's in one spot?



The Bridal Survival Kit


The perfume that not only makes you smell irresistable, but makes for the perfect wedding day scent.

I Do by Anthropologie


The coziest bride sweatshirt to celebrate you in this season.

The Bride Sweatshirt


Bring an air of romance to your wedding day with this sheer lace robe.

Darling Sheer Lace Robe


Ready to wear the dress of your wildest dreams?

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We're a luxurybridal boutique nestled in the heart of Troy, Ohio.